2016 Hall of Fame

Photo by Joel Devereux

Willow J – Miss Burlesque Australia 2016

Miss Burlesque VIC 2016

A pioneer to the Australian Burlesque revival scene, Willow J was crowned Miss Burlesque Australia 2016 after 15 years of sharing her unique acts around the globe. A “Mover, Shaker & Innovator” whose credits extent to theatre, film, TV, directing and producing, Willow J has been performed in hundreds of productions including the Burlesque Hall of Fame (BHoF), The London Burlesque Festival, DasSHOKU SHAKE!, The Aussie Flim Flam Japanese Revue and The Australian Burlesque Festival to name a few. With a love of wild, strong and provocative women in history Willow J created and directed two successful sell-out seasons of The Living Museum of Erotic Women. With a “Never Start Stopping!” attitude, Willow continues to create, inspire and never expire!

Photo by David Woolley

Trash Valentine – Mr Boylesque Australia 2016

Mr Boylesque WA 2016

Trash Valentine is Perth’s Las Vegas show boy. Vivacious, flirtatious and positively magnetic, he leaves his audience begging for his affection. Combining satire, striptease and bawdy allure this boylesque charmer celebrates burlesque in all its contemporary forms. Trash Valentine is a celebrated performance artist and gender bending extraordinaire who is known for leaving his audiences laughing with joy.

Photo by Rick Taylor

La Petite Mort – Miss Burlesque Ireland 2016

La Petite Mort is a pint-sized bundle of sparks otherwise known as Ireland’s queen of the chrome pole, Arlene Caffrey; her favourite things are impossibly high heels, splits and being upside down. When she’s not ruining childhoods with her hilariously disturbing ‘Bad Bosco’ act, she is known for her magical twirly legs and signature style which combines gravity defying antics with more body rolls, high kicks, splits, stocking peels and upside-down spreadies than you can shake a stick at! She will stun you with her vivacity, blind you with her flexibility and after all she wows you with you will still be left begging for more! You’ll be seeing splits for days…

2016 Miss Burlesque State Winners

Photo by David Woolley

Sugar Du Joure
Miss Burlesque Australia 1st Runner -up 2016
Miss Burlesque WA 2016

Miss Burlesque Australia 2nd Runner-up 2016
Miss Burlesque ACT 2016

Photo by Joel Devereux

Lenore Noire
Miss Burlesque QLD 2016

Photo by Joel Devereux

The Hooping Harlot
Miss Burlesque NSW 2016

Photo by Charlie Nicholson

Miss Curvella
Miss Burlesque SA 2016

2016 Mr Boylesque State Winners

Lord of Mis-Rule
Mr Boylesque VIC 2016

Photo by Rob Studdert

Jack London
Mr Boylesque NSW 2016

Photo by Nathan J Lester

Ziggy Charms
Mr Boylesque ACT 2016