Sponsor Feature | KTB

Sponsor Feature | KTB

Lila Luxx by KTB

Whether there are bold lashings of kaleidoscope colour or subtle wisps of smoke, KTB’s indescribable love of colour is undeniable in her photographic portraiture. Her work as both a photographer and videographer in the Brisbane burlesque community is instantly recognisable, working closely alongside The Bombshell Burlesque Academy and Events, The Australian Academy of Cinemagraphic Makeup and many of Brisbane’s burlesque starlets. KTB has been honing her skills behind the camera for eight years and 2018 joins Miss Burlesque Queensland as a Gold Sponsor for 2018. When two creative tides clash the the results are set to be striking.

Alyssa Kitt caught up with Caitlin Boland to talk about her work with Miss Burlesque Queensland.

Jacqueline Furey by KTB

You’ve worked closely with some of the powerhouses of the Brisbane burlesque community – what is it that you love about burlesque?

My Grandmother always used to say to me, “Woah! Just look at these beautiful women. Their costumes and all!” I do believe from this genuine and wholehearted exclamation, she made me open my eyes to the fine, creative and passionate detail Burlesque performers create and share to the world.

Your business KTB all about collaborating with creative artists – what do you love about this process? What do you strive to achieve with collaboration?

I choose this path because I find I can naturally connect to each artist’s visual needs and desires. I understand how I can create something for them without having to go into heavy, chaotic detail. I will continue to strive to achieve embracing and creating each artists canvas. I welcome more of Australia’s performing artists, artisans and anyone who throws themselves into making use of the right side of their mind – and of course, encourage those who wish to do so!

I love this process because it’s a celebration of those who have become aware of their creative side, and therefore we can create so much magic together.  

Magnolia Knife in Arnavaz Lindsay Couture by KTB

KTB has worked with Miss Burlesque Queensland for the past several years – what do you love about the competition?

The times I have felt most overwhelmed with happiness is during the competition is when you can hear and observe the audiences reactions to what these incredible performers have put so much time and effort into. That must be so special for the performers, but little do they realise how much of an impact they give us and our lives too. Some things like this can’t be explained, and they may never truly understand the inspiration, appreciation and adoration we have for them.

What are you looking forward to for this year?

I’m looking forward to connecting with more artists on a personal level through the inaugural Burlesque Cruise; being heavily involved in more performing arts events such as Wonderland Festival 2018 and Miss Burlesque Queensland. I will also thoroughly enjoy just experiencing where my business grows with every step I choose, for the Creative Artists.

Lucy Luxe by KTB

We can wait to see what KTB conjures up with Miss Burlesque Queensland for 2018. Make sure you follow their social media channels:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KTBPHOT/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ktbsaysrelax/?hl=en

Website: https://www.ktbdesign.net/