Bombshells Burlesque Academy | Sponsor Feature

Bombshells Burlesque Academy | Sponsor Feature

They’re fun, flirtatious and they live to play dress-ups! The Bombshell Burlesque Academy exudes the joie de vivre of burlesque – with many first timers to burlesque coming in through Bombshell’s classes. The school welcomes everyone in a supportive environment where tease flourishes and a strong community of performers grows.

Born in 2010 under the founding Director La Viola Vixen, the school has been both a place that fosters community growth, burlesque tutelage, professional development and raised an impressive troupe of strong performers, dancers and artists of burlesque. One of the earliest students to Bombshell Burlesque and Beauty Academy’s was Lila Luxx, who stepped one sparkling Louboutin onstage in 2009 and went on to become a tutor, mentor and much loved stage mama before she became the Managing Director in 2012. Under Lila’s Directorship the school has flourished into a force to be reckoned with not only in Brisbane but across the country. Bombshell’s troupe have performed as a part of Brisbane Festival, at The Powerhouse Theatre’s annual Wonderland Festival – with their shows ‘A Brief History of Burlesque’ and ‘Viva Brivegas’. They’ve recently joined forces with WA tour de force burlesque troupe, Sugar Blue Burlesque for their latest venture Glamourama.

There’s something in the water at Bombshell’s with past students and tutors taking home the Queensland State Title of Miss Burlesque Queensland, including Coppelia Jane, Miss Alyssa Kitt, Cello Bordello and Lenore Noire, and winners of Miss Burlesque Brisbane – Betty Lovecat, Lady Le Feu, The Diamond Dahlia and the grand winner Miss Burlesque Australia 2015 – Bella de Jac is even an alumni tutor with the school.

Alyssa Kitt caught up with the Director of The Bombshell Burlesque Academy, Lila Luxx upon her return from The Burlesque Cruise to talk about Miss Burlesque Queensland and what goes on behind the curtains of MBQ.

The Bombshell Burlesque Academy has been a huge supporter of Miss Burlesque Queensland since 2010! What is it that you love about the competition?

I think Miss Burlesque Queensland is an amazing platform for artists to develop and showcase their skills in a supportive, structured environment. It encourages them to find diverse aspects to their performances and challenges them to be innovative and step out of the box. Personally, I really love seeing the unexpected – newer artists coming into their own, established artists breaking the mold. It’s those surprising moments that really stay with you long after the shows have finished.

Bombshells students have joined MBQ both backstage and onstage for the MBQ production – what opportunity do you think this gives each budding performer?

There’s nothing like being part of the running of a production to give you a solid understanding and appreciation for the work that goes in to make it all look seamless. I also think that, whether you’re a stage vixen or behind the curtain as an assistant stage manager, having that volunteer experience to see all of the problem solving backstage allows you to make better choices when creating your own acts. You can pick up all sorts of tips like how to best wrangle props, big costumes or how to stay calm and deliver a great show just from being engaged and observing backstage.

A number of QLD competitors have risen from students in Bombshell’s classes to find themselves onstage competing after a few years – such as our reigning Miss Burlesque Queensland Lenore Noire. How do you think MBQ is positioned in the Brisbane burlesque performance scene?

I think it’s become a great goal for many artists in Brisbane to work towards as, apart from the visibility it provides, it really invites them to outdo themselves and take their acts to the next level.  Then they have high quality acts ready for booking and submission to festivals around the world!

Lila, you’re an ardent nourisher of the Australian burlesque community, what do you think the competition means to the Brisbane community?

Guilty as charged! I do like to share the love and support artists as much as I can, whenever I can. I think Brisbane really values MBQ as it also serves as a social gathering and is often a reflection of the direction that the local community is headed in.  I’m proud to say that the Brisbane competition gets stronger every year and that’s a very positive direct reflection of our local talent pool.

As Director of the Bombshells Academy you’ve judged the competition multiple times – what are you looking forward to seeing on stage this year?

I’m looking forward to watching from the audience!  It’s a real treat for me to be able to sit back and watch what everyone has created. I can’t wait to see the new format in action as I’m particularly excited to see the new definition of Traditional come to life. I do love seeing a performance with polish and personality so I’m ready to be wow’d, shocked and awed! Chookas to all!

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