Miss Burlesque SA 2019 | Moisty Magic

Miss Burlesque SA 2019 | Moisty Magic

Bright nuclear reactor danger warning signal levels of orange hair, piercing Poison Ivy green eyes and a hyper femme caricature aesthetic. She’s a queer intersectional feminist and who will make all your campy Texas drag Queen wrapt in pure slithery magic dreams come true. 

Moisty Magic by Kaine Crowhurst Photography

Moist. The very word illicit a plethora of reactions from the general population. Purr mmmmmmmmoistt into the ear of a friend and you might experience the following reaction – a turned up nose and shoulders that raise in discomfort, or a wry smile that curls at the corner of the lip in just the way that signifies that you’re cavorting with a fellow deviant. Either way you’re in for some magic. 

She’s fierce… she’s opinionated and she’ll make you very very (wait for the whisper in the ear) moist. 

Alyssa Kitt caught up with the new Miss Burlesque South Australia, Moisty Magic, to talk all things sexy sexy political social commentary, dealing with imposter syndrome, celebrating by getting the flu and how Miss Burlesque Australia is a vehicle to platform some important message. -Yes these are all things that make us both very very… (wait for the whisper) moist. 

Moisty Magic. Image by Soda Street Photography.

What was the first thought that popped into your head when they announced your name as the winner? Did you have a crowning glory moment?

Look to be honest (and in tune with my true trash bag self) I was already pretty tipsy so it took me a moment! I was and still am absolutely over the moon! My crowning glory was it was my 30th birthday the next day so it was such an amazing high to end my twenties on!

Have you competed for the Miss Burlesque SA State title before?

This is my third year competing for the crown. My first year entering I took out the title of Miss Burlesque Adelaide, last year I took a little stumble, but this year was my year to shine!

What made you want to enter the competition for 2019?

I had actually planned to have a year off, I only had my boobs done in January and wanted to rest my body and go to Hellfest (a three days metal festival in France) instead… but I missed out on tickets so I decided to entered last minute and look where we are!

Moisty Magic onstage by Soda Street Productions.

Did you think you’d be wearing that crown at the end of the night when you started your competition preparation?

TBH I wasn’t even sure I was going to make it to the stage this year, I had a really bad depression episode straight after fringe, I have quite a long history of mental health issues but this one certainly knocked me around. I’m so lucky I had an incredible support network around me to get me back on my feet and keep me going. When I was finally able to get my head in the game I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to win but I was also trying to keep a healthy attitude towards the competition. All of the competitors had a chance to take the crown so I wasn’t putting bets on myself. My focus for the comp was to do my best and create new routines I was happy with.

You’d contacted me privately, so I knew you’d been having some issues with confidence and imposter syndrome in the lead up to the competition – how did you overcome this?

It’s definitely an ongoing battle. The main thing I’ve taken away from this experience is that opening up and acknowledging these feelings has made me realise its something a lot of creative people struggle with. It’s an ongoing process. 

Image by Brian O’Neill Photography.

I feel you – it’s honestly so much more common than people realise! Especially AFTER you win a crown, title and sash. I’ve spoken with several past winners who have gone into deep depressions after winning and had to overcome massive issues with perfectionism, anxiety and have had to overcome serious creative blocks to get back on stage. 

It’s comforting to know I’m not alone in how I feel and seeing people I love and admire creatively feel the same, puts my own self doubt in perspective. If they are so fucking amazing yet struggle with their own successes then I’m probably amazing too, yet fail to see it… if that makes sense.

That makes total sense – thank you for being open and sharing with me. Now – let’s talk about your Red Carpet extravaganza!!! Your Red Carpet Parade look is complete Texas Drag Queen? Tell me about it!

This was absolutely my aesthetic. I love a hyper femme caricature aesthetic, so big hair, big lips, big tits and big shoes! I draw a lot of inspiration from drag in terms of my hair and make up so I feel like this description summed up my red carpet parade perfectly.

How did this reflect your character? 

This look to me reflected the beauty in my character. Moisty Magic has helped me over the years really embrace my own femininity and develop my own twist on it. This came out so much.

Miss Moisty in the Red Carpet Parade in 2018. Image by Soda Street Photography.


Describe your traditional for me.

A campy cheesecake pin up routine with a touch of risque sass.

How did you research for this routine?

I knew I wanted to do something a bit more light hearted and fun as a juxtaposition to my unique routine so I started by finding the perfect song. It’s fun, campy, and a little bit tongue in cheek. Next I researched styling and costume aesthetics to fit the traditional brief but still stay true to the essence of Moisty. Traditional isn’t a strong point for me so I worked closely with Nona Mona (former Miss Burlesque SA) to develop and choreograph this routine.


You performed a Mother Earth act for your unique. Describe the act to me.

This routine is based around the concept that the earth is a living goddess known as Gaia and how she is being destroyed by humans. I have had this act in the planning for quite a while and wanted to channel the energy of own of frustrations and anxieties about climate change and the ecological crisis the world is currently facing into this piece. I don’t want to give away too much about it but it’s pretty thought provoking and moving which is definitely my signature when it comes to burlesque.

Moisty takes the crown. Image by Soda Street Photography.

Did you have a favourite section?

My favourite part was when the crown got placed on my head. 

Stop it! Isn’t that everyone’s favourite bit!

Just kidding! I loved the unique side of the competition, it’s where my passionate for burlesque lies.

How did you represent the different facets of Moisty Magic?

At this point in my life I feel like I have so many identities it would be literally impossible to represent them all in one show, but I managed to convey that I am sassy mouthed, fierce creature who is equal parts showgirl, rabble rouser, and opinionated arsehole. Dramatic and insightful. The only main facet I felt that was left out on the night was my identity as a sex worker. I am still yet to reconcile and bridge the gap between burlesque and the sex industry which I which I feel is super important as despite having similar origins there is a heavy stigma around my work. This is one of the many reasons I am so open and proud about it.

How are you going to prepare for the Grand Final? 

Well I started out by getting the flu which was an excellent adventure. Now I’m back on track I’m thinking I might start a rigorous military boot camp style training program and HGH injections…

Moisty Merkin in the Unique Section. Image by Soda Street Photography.

Did you enjoy your MBA Journey in the State Finals? 

Despite it being tumultuous at times (cue crying into my sewing machine) it’s been an incredible journey.

Would you recommend other performers apply?

Absolutely! Miss Burlesque is such a great environment to push yourself as a performer! I love the drive it gives me to create and grow!

Who were important people in your support team?

I have been so lucky to have an incredible support team leading up to comp. Nona Mona is like my burlesque mum and put in a lot of time and effort helping me with my classic and general technique. Lyra LaBelle was also a massive support throughout the whole process. I had a really bad depression episode just after Fringe and she was the person who kept me dancing and stopped me from pulling out all together. I would also like to mention my housemates who tolerated months of glitter and rhinestones all through the house.

Oh and Dr Sanguan of Bangkok PPSI for my new boobs.

Moisty Magic in the Red Carpet Parade. Image by Soda Street Photography.

Outside of just bloody winning Miss Burlesque SA, what have some of your other career highlights been?

Writing and producing my own show, Nude News Nightly, has been a huge highlight for me. The whole show is based around real like current affairs and world events. Writing each routine begin a mini project in itself as my academic side took over and made sure each detail was accurate and factual. I can’t wait to run this show again with some new and exciting content taken from the Election.

Another huge highlight for me was my unique routine from last years Miss Burlesque SA, it was based around the 2017 marriage equality postal vote. Although I walked away empty handed in terms of awards it was an extremely cathartic and healing routine for me to do as a queer person. And to move an entire audience to tears made me realise there’s an incredible amount of power in performance.

What’s your overall style of burlesque – where’s your comfy place on stage?

My passion within burlesque is always going to be shows and routines based around social and political commentary. I pride myself with my branding as the Political Pin Up and I think more than ever we need it to see more of this on our stages. Mainly as a form of relief from the current world climate, but also an incredible tool for engaging the audience into a conversation they may not have known how to have.

The Miss Burlesque South Australia competitors. Photography by Gold Sponsor Soda Street Productions.

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