Miss Burlesque WA 2019 | Heated Highlights

Miss Burlesque WA 2019 | Heated Highlights

By Dollar Dazzler

Sparkling stars, dazzling sequins and flying feathers were on display in Perth for Miss Burlesque Western Australia State Final this year. Eight performers, with only one new to the Miss Burlesque WA competition stage brought their wit, knowledge and unique stylings burlesque to the Astor Theatre. MC Ginger LaMinge set the glamourous tone for Perth’s burlesque evening of evenings in a sharp tuxedo that shone all the way to the back-balcony seats. Providing hilarious MC padding, Ginger guided us through the evening with a natural air of abandon.

Sammy Sparkles in the Red Carpet Parade. Photography by John Leonard.


This year’s Red Carpet Parade saw a heavy influence of Hedy Lamar styled headpieces and dresses, but each remaining true to their own unique take on the popular film Ziegfeld Follies. Standouts on the red carpet include Sammy Sparkles’ simple yet perfectly structured caped Blonde Bombshell look and Dee Dee Luscious’ as a bath time beauty. In a Scottish punk rock corset gown, Whisky A’More paid tribute to Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood that definitely won best dressed by the audience.

Whisky A’More in the Red Carpet Parade. Photography by John Leonard.


Rolling onto the traditional, this year we saw the payoff of the change in traditional rules with a fully broad spectrum of traditional styled acts. We had the big-band bump and grind of Kenjai, a comedic twist on the dance of the Seven Veils by Lola Moore, a Vaudevillian tribute to Music hall burlesque by Dee Dee, and all the sparkly showgirl glory you could muster in between. Whisky A’More’s tribute to Loie Fullers iconic Serpentine left the audience in stunned silence.

Lady Lace in the Traditional Section. Photography by John Leonard.

Kitty Litteur’s bump and grind truly reminded us why she is THE tassel twirler of Perth burlesque. Miss Lady Lace brought the fan-dancing tease and proved that you don’t need to sacrifice the vegan lifestyle with glittering featherless fans. With the rules of the cornerstone moves gone, each performer was really able to showcase a new depth of traditional burlesque and present their understanding of also how their own burlesque character could be reflected in these eras. In Perth, the Classic section was feeling as though it was just a “mandatory” act, but now this section was so much more thrilling for both the performers and audience members on the night.

Kenjai in the Traditional Section. Photography by John Leonard.

Alena Anemoia in the Traditional Section. Photography by John Leonard.


One of the great things about the unique section is the original ideas performers bring to the stage. In Perth, it’s basically “go big or go home”. Several performers brought existing acts but added an extra dimension to them. Standouts for this included Kitty Littéur’s “Attack of the 50ft woman” who’s new costume pieces really added to the comedy within the act, and Whisky A’More’s award-winning “Heartlander” act which is getting even more sass and fierce femme energy breathed into it.

Kitty Littéur in the Unique section. Photography by John Leonard

Lola Moore’s tribute to the internet left everyone gagging.

Lola Moore in the Unique Section. Photography by John Leonard.

After seeing her successfully pull it off (excuse the pun) two years a row Lola has no doubt left her mark as Perth’s Queen of the quick-change. Newer acts were just as dazzling than upgraded existing acts, showcasing just how creative and how willing performers have been to step up and create outside their usual boxes. Standouts include Sammy Sparkle’s blistering and upbeat social commentary on Barbie (pink jeep included), the back-to-back combo of Sammy and then Miss Lady Lace taking on the sexism of James Bond with her own sensual fight back leaving the patriarchy shaking in their boots. Kenjai’s fear-boner inducing act about horror movie The Ring’s main villain reminded us that everybody needs love and rounding out unique, Alena Alemonia’s “pumping” routine that ended with teething cars (there’s a Snow Patrol pun in there somewhere).

Miss Burlesque WA 2019 Dee Dee Luscious in the Unique Section. Photography by John Leonard.

But it was Dee Dee’s cackle-inducing (and already award-winning, taking out “Cabaret Royalty” earlier this year) Swan Lake comedy act dubbed “Swan Lake-esque” that stole the show. Dee Dee absolutely enraptured the audience with the perfect timing of her music and sound effects, roping in stage kittens to their madness and a lighting tech enjoying their own moment to shine during the routine. It was clear who the audience favourite was this year and it was Dee Dee.

After only entering the competition one other time, she made a clean sweep of the competition and was crowned the new Miss Burlesque WA. The glamourous and perfectly put together Sammy Sparkles took the Miss Burlesque Perth title, Kitty Litteur joined them on the podium as 2nd runner-up.

2019 Miss Burlesque WA Dee Dee Luscious (middle), 2019 Miss Burlesque Perth Sammy Sparkles (Right), 2nd Runner-up Kitty Littéur (Left)

Every year you want to see everyone do their best in the competition, and this year, there was no weak point in the show. Every single performer brought their A-game to the screaming audience at the Astor Theatre.

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